Unilateral Expander Upper – Lower

This unilateral expander is used for posterior space regaining when arch length is lost due to premature loss of dentition. A single unilateral expansion screw applies forces to move teeth distally.

Screw expands 6.5 mm only on one side. Ideal for the unilateral correction of skeletal crossbites as well as for individual teeth in crossbite.

The Sagittal can be fabricated for the upper, lower, or both depending upon the course of treatment. The Sagittal should be worn 24 hours a day, especially during mealtime.


Treatment & Care

Our standard upper Sagittal consists of Adams clasps on the first bicuspids and first molars, and one or two 5mm sectional screws embedded in acrylic. The upper Sagittal will have cuts made in the acrylic distal to the cuspids and posterior acrylic bite blocks. Our standard lower Sagittal consists of .030” stainless steel “C” clasps on the cuspids, Adams clasps on the first molars, and one or two 5mm sectional screws embedded in acrylic, with the acrylic cuts made between the bicuspids. We offer a variety of different wires sizes and types, clasping, and a smaller 3.5mm sectional screw is available to the meet the needs of your patient and their treatment.

It is also important that you take very good care of your teeth and gums while in treatment. Food particles and plaque can easily gather around the Expander. Please remove your appliance and brush it every time that you brush your teeth. Poor oral hygiene can lead to cavities, decalcifications (permanent scars on your teeth) and gum disease. We want your experience to be a healthy one, so please spend extra time brushing and flossing your teeth. Please remember to continue seeing your general dentist regularly for cleanings and examinations while in orthodontic treatment.

  • .028 wire, 0.36 wire
  • 1 spring jet bayonet director
  • 1 spring jet activation lock
  • 1 nickel titanium coil spring 400gr
  • Palatal acrylic