Kois Deprogrammer

The Kois Deprogrammer is a removable, plastic appliance that covers the hard palate and creates a single point of contact between the lower central incisor and the anterior bite plane. Used for evaluating the stability of a patient’s bite, the Kois Deprogrammer is of invaluable assistance to dentists trying to locate a patient’s optimal jaw position or distinguish between the three types of abnormal occlusal attrition – Constricted Path of Closure (PCP), Occlusal Dysfunction and Parafunction (bruxism).

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Treatment & Care

The Kois Deprogrammer prevents interlocking of the teeth and therefore allows the patient’s lower jaw to gradually relax and settle into an ideal position with relation to the teeth. A patient may be asked to wear the Deprogrammer for one week to one month so that enough time elapses for old muscle memory to be erased. The dentist will know this has occurred when the patient can reproduce, without guidance, the same point of contact as when wearing the Deprogrammer.

The benefits of a Kois Deprogrammer are vast and profound to both the Doctor and the patient. Doctors’ benefit from using a Kois Deprogrammer as the appliance is a simplified diagnostic tool for evaluating occlusion. Patients that are successfully deprogrammed will experience an increased quality of life as a result of a more efficient bite position and may have less facial/joint pain as well as reduced incidences of worn, broken or loose teeth. The Kois Deprogrammer can be easily maintained by simply being cleaned with toothpaste and warm water, each time the teeth are brushed. Patients should wear at night and clean daily with toothpaste to prevent the buildup of plaque and odor. Avoid Efferdent and other effervescent solutions, as it may erode components on the appliance. It is recommended to
use products like Dent Soak or Retainer Splash.

  • Acrylic: JBD Monomer and Polymer
  • Wire: American Orthodontics Chromium
  • Cobaltire: American Orthodontics Chromium Cobalt