Band and Loop Space Maintainer

The band and loop space maintainer is used in edentulous areas, resulting either from exfoliation or extraction, to prevent adjacent teeth from drifting into the space which can spur orthodontic issues like teeth crowding.

Space maintainers do exactly what their name implies: they maintain the space left open by premature tooth loss so that permanent teeth can erupt properly. Without space maintainers, permanent teeth can form poorly. When a primary tooth is missing, surrounding teeth might become loose because there is less support overall.


Treatment & Care

Space maintainers are not permanent, and they are removed when permanent teeth erupt. There are two types of pediatric space maintainers that your dentist may recommend, fixed and removable. As the names suggest, the first one stays in the mouth although not permanently while the other is removable.

This appliance should be cleaned every day with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, morning and night. Encourage the patient to give enough time to clean thoroughly around the appliance, gums, teeth, and bands to maintain proper hygiene and prevent inflammation. 3 minutes is recommended.

  • Wire: American Orthodontic Chromium Cobalt
Attachment & Band options:
  • AO Maximum Retention Bands
  • Leone Web Bands
  • AO .036 Chrome-cobalt solder to a band