Passive Lingual Arch

A lingual arch connects two molars in the upper or lower dental arch. The lower lingual arch (LLA) has an arch wire adapted to the lingual side of the lower teeth. In the upper arch the arch wire is usually connecting the two molars passing through the palatal vault and is commonly referred as “Transpalatal Arch” (TPA).

TPAs could possibly be used for maintaining transverse arch widths, anchorage in extraction case, prevent buccal tipping of molars during Burstonian segmented arch mechanics, transverse anchorage and space maintenance.


Treatment & Care

The passive lingual arch is designed to rest on the cingula of the incisors only. The arch wire between the incisors and molars must be out of the bite and should not prevent the premolars and permanent canines from erupting. LLA is frequently used as a space maintainer for the lower teeth. In such a case a LLA maintains the molar position. LLA and TPA can also be used to stabilize molar position in the attempt to avoid side effects that can take place during orthodontic therapy. As a space maintainer LLA is frequently used in cases where an early loss of the second deciduous molar takes place. In such a case LLA prevents the permanent molars from migrating mesially (forward) thus blocking off the eruption space for the premolar teeth. LLA is also used in order to maintain the so-called “Leeway space”, which is the extra space available in the arch when the deciduous molars are exfoliated and replaced by smaller permanent premolars.

This appliance should be cleaned every day with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, morning and night. Encourage the patient to give enough time to clean thoroughly around the appliance, gums, teeth, and bands to maintain proper hygiene and prevent inflammation. 3 minutes is recommended.

  • Wire: American Orthodontic Chromium Cobalt
  • .036 Palatal Wire
Attachment & Band options:
  • AO Maximum Retention Bands
  • Leone Web Bands
  • AO Headgear and 0.22 Slot with Hook
  • AO MBT w/hook
  • AO Double Slot w/hook