Sagittal Expander Upper – Lower

The Sagittal appliance is used to lengthen the arch by distalizing the molars or driving the anterior section forward. This appliance is often used to alleviate crowding. We install expansion screws along the sagittal plane and parallel to the left and right side. You can also add a screw to either side. As with any expansion appliance, we recommend maximum retention with Adams clasps on the 6’s (if erupted) and ball clasps between the pre-molars. You can also incorporate a labial bow to control the anterior incisors and a posterior bite plate to disarticulate the arches providing additional anchorage for the upper appliance.


Treatment & Care

The Sagittal Expander purpose is to make your upper jaw wider and longer. By expanding your upper jaw we can correct cross bites and make space so that your adult teeth can be aligned properly. Turn the Sagittal 1 time per week (unless otherwise instructed by the doctor). We have provided you with a metal key that it will be used to turn the appliance. Insert the key into the hole at the tail of the arrow. Push the key straight back from the tail of the arrow toward the head of the arrow until it cannot be pushed any further and then gently slide the key out of the hole. Repeat these procedures for all activations. Always activate the expander in the same direction (from the Tail of the Arrow toward the Head of the Arrow). Each time the Sagittal is activated it expands the jaw about 1⁄4mm. This is about the thickness of a human hair. Activation of the screw is 1-2 times per week.

It is also important that you take very good care of your teeth and gums while in treatment. Food particles and plaque can easily gather around the sagittal retainer. Please remove your retainer and brush it every time that you brush your teeth. Poor oral hygiene can lead to cavities, decalcifications (permanent scars on your teeth) and gum disease. We want your experience to be a healthy one, so please spend extra time brushing and flossing your teeth. Please remember to continue seeing your general dentist regularly for cleanings and examinations while in orthodontic treatment.

  • Wire: American Orthodontics Chromium Cobalt
  • Acrylic: JBC Monomer and Polymer
  • Screw: Leone POP Expansion Screw