Nance Appliance

The nance appliance is used to prevent the first molars from drifting in an anterior into spaces left by the primary molars. A wire is soldered to both maxillary first molar bands and extends towards the anterior to the deepest part of the palate where it is attached to an acrylic button. The acrylic button is placed against the palate preventing the forward drift of the molars.

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Treatment & Care

Dental appliances prevent teeth from moving or to shift teeth into a the proper place. While there are several types of appliances, a Nance appliance has a very specific function and can be used to expand or rotate the upper molars, or to hold molars in place. The most common use is as a space maintainer to prevent upper molars from drifting forward.

The Nance appliance fits comfortably along the roof of the mouth with bands that are placed on the upper arch of the two back molars. A wire connects the bands and a small piece of acrylic pad placed in the pre-maxillary region for stability.

Patients with the appliance should make sure to pay special attention to the roof of their mouth while brushing to prevent gum irritation. They should practice good oral hygiene and avoid drinking carbonated beverages or avoid eating hard or sticky food. Eating or drinking these types of food can damage the appliance.

  • Wire: American Orthodontic Chromium Cobalt
  • Springs: .040″ Titanium Molybdenum Alloy Arch wire Round
  • Acrylic: JBC Monomer and Polymer
Attachment & Band options:
  • 040 Palatal Wire
  • Soldered or Lasered to
  • Bands (not included in price)
  • T-Traditional Pink or T-Clear Palatal Acrylic Pad